Day: October 17, 2023

Active Mile Daily TrackActive Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track is an innovative physical activity programme originating from a school in Stirling, Scotland. The programme involves pupils taking part in 15 min of walking/running outdoors during class time, at a self-selected pace. The initiative has been widely adopted and is anecdotally reported to improve children’s health, wellbeing and behaviour.

Teachers were keen to implement the programme in their schools and were supportive of the intervention’s potential to improve sedentary behaviour, physical fitness and body composition. However, a significant number of participants felt the programme was time-consuming and reduced the amount of classroom time they could devote to teaching per week. This may impact upon learning and is one of the main barriers to implementing the programme in some schools.

Setting Daily Mileage Goals: A Guide to Active Mile Tracking

A number of teachers also commented that the programme was not suitable for all pupils due to their level of ability or personal fitness limitations. In addition, a few participants were of the opinion that the Daily Mile was not appropriate for pupils who have asthma, as it can trigger breathing difficulties.

Teachers were also concerned about the running surface of the Daily Mile, particularly in wet weather conditions. Many schools were not able to participate in the Daily Mile during the winter due to unsafe ground conditions, and many teachers used indoor spaces such as gym halls for their classes.