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Amish Baskets

For the Old Order Amish, basket making is a way to support their lifestyle and pass the skills down to their children. Some Amish families even have a full time job, but the Amish lifestyle is still woven into their daily lives and you can see that in each of the heirloom quality baskets they make.

What is the Amish rule?

Darla Best has been selling Amish Baskets families in southern Iowa and just over the border in northern Missouri for six years. Her business, Gingerich Amish Baskets, has seven different families and she offers a wide variety of products. She also sells loom woven rugs and potholders.

Pie and Picnic Baskets

This Amish Pie basket comes in two different sizes, small and medium. Both have swinging carrier handles, a solid oak bottom and lid with knob and an inside tray for separating the pies.

The smaller size will fit pies up to 8 inches round and three inches high and the larger one will accommodate a normal size glass or tin pie plate. These Amish baskets are a great gift for anyone and you won’t find them anywhere else.

We have several different kinds of Amish Baskets including utensil, pie, picnic, berry, planter and gift baskets that are made from solid materials with a lid and dividers. They are also available in a range of colors and designs, many with bold color accents. Some even have a handle and a liner (liner sold separately). is proud to offer these heirloom quality baskets.

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