Founded On Truth Blog Blue Fin Tuna – A Rare Indica Strain

Blue Fin Tuna – A Rare Indica Strain

Blue Fin Tuna Strain


Blue Fin Tuna is an Indica dominant strain with high THC levels and excellent flavor. This rare strain has been a favorite of Indica lovers for its relaxation and pain management effects. Blue Fin Tuna is believed to have been bred from crossing the famous Blueberry and Tuna Kush strains and it offers the best of both worlds with a unique aroma that combines the sweetness of Blueberry with the skunkiness of Tuna Kush.

The Blue Fin Tuna Strain profile of this marijuana strain is also very complex, with hints of citrus and fruit combined with sweet and earthy notes. This aroma is complemented by the flavor, which is a mix of sweet and fruity with a touch of pine. Medical marijuana patients use Bluefin Tuna to help them feel creative and happy. It has 23% THC and the dominant terpene is myrcene, which gives this weed its piney, fruity nose and earthy taste.

Exploring the Ocean of Potency: A Guide to Blue Fin Tuna Strain and Its Unique Features

When smoking this strain, you will notice the effect in your body and mind immediately. The sedating effects of this marijuana strain will first take hold and relax your muscles, alleviating any aches and pains from physical or emotional stress. A sense of euphoria and sensuality will then slowly start to seep into your mental state, leaving you with feelings of euphoria and energy. This marijuana strain is perfect for treating insomnia, depression, chronic pain and muscle spasms or cramps.

This is a rare strain, but one that is definitely worth trying. If you have the opportunity, grab some Blue Fin Tuna budder or live resin caviar and get ready for a magical cannabis experience.

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