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Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses connect with a local audience. It involves optimising a website and its content for specific keywords and phrases, to ensure it is visible in local searches. It also includes boosting online visibility by creating profiles and listings on trusted local directories and sites. Whether a business offers retail or service-based services, local SEO is important for ensuring potential clients can find it when they are searching for what it has to offer.

A good SEO strategy will prioritize quality over quantity. This means that websites should focus on addressing the questions and pain points of their target audience, rather than simply attempting to hit a set keyword quota. It is also important to understand the unique needs of a local audience, including their culture and language, and to consider how they might differ from broader demographics. More info

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is an SEO agency that serves businesses in Cambridge. Its team of digital marketers focuses on enhancing a client’s online presence and increasing the number of relevant leads. Its services include SEO audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, and link building. It also assists clients with setting up and updating Google Analytics and Search Console accounts.

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Internet Marketing Team is a full-service SEO company that helps businesses rank on the first page of Google’s search results. Its team performs key service research and integrates competitive long-tail keywords into site content. It also works to remove spam and other unrelated links from a website’s profile, which can negatively impact a site’s ranking.

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