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What You Should Know About Clickfunnels ReviewWhat You Should Know About Clickfunnels Review

This Clickfunnels review focuses on whether or not this is a legitimate program or just another shady marketing scheme that does not do much for the newbie’s online business. Clickfunnels is a landing page builder program that claims to help you drive traffic to your own e-commerce site. It also claims that it will provide you with “customizable links” and other tools that will help you market your website to increase your bottom line. Does Clickfunnels deliver on its promises, or is it just another scam to take advantage of newbie’s who are new to internet marketing? Read more –

Clickfunnels Review

What You Should Know About Clickfunnels Review

The problem with Clickfunnels is that it is very much like any other pre-made program for marketing your online business that you might find. For example, you would pay good money for a program called Google AdSense. With this type of program, you get a beautiful website with lots of unique content that is high quality for a minimal fee. When it comes to this type of marketing, it is pretty easy to see how much work is required, and then once you have the website up and running, the customer service sucks.

The customer support that is provided by Clickfunnels is horrible, to the point that I almost deleted it from my record because of the terrible customer support. In fact, I have filed an email complaint about the lack of customer support with Clickfunnels and haven’t heard any word back from them yet. If you are looking to earn money online with an e-commerce website, I highly recommend Clickfunnels as a landing page builder program, but don’t waste your money. Look elsewhere for your money making ideas.