Founded On Truth Business Choosing the Right 3PL Warehouse Company

Choosing the Right 3PL Warehouse Company

Choosing the right 3pl warehouse company saves your business capital by eliminating the need for expensive logistics operations, storage space, equipment and staff. In addition to storing and shipping your products, some 3PLs also offer specialized services like kitting and assembly that simplify large orders or ship heavy, bulky items. They also act as freight forwarders or brokers to negotiate transportation discounts on your behalf, helping you reduce your landed costs.

Exploring 3PL Warehouse Companies: Streamlining Your Operations

When evaluating potential warehouses, look for one with experience managing complex logistics operations. Ask for references from current customers and review online reviews to ensure you can trust the company to deliver quality service. Consider the size of their storage capacity and how much inventory they typically hold in each facility. The ideal warehouse can accommodate your current order volumes and scale as your business grows.

Many fulfillment centers have dedicated spaces for different ecommerce brands, reserving or allocating storage space and handling inventory management on their clients’ behalf. As incoming inventory arrives, staff verifies receipt against shipping documents (e.g. packing lists or bills of lading) to determine the chain of custody for each product. They also inspect each item for damage or other issues.

Some products require special storage or shipping conditions to comply with regulatory agencies, preserve food safety and maintain product integrity. Fortunately, most 3PLs specialize in specific types of warehousing, making them experts in your industry’s requirements. They can help you navigate regulations, meet strict deadlines and save you time and money. They can also handle customer returns on your behalf, generating return shipping labels and reentering returned items into inventory.

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