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Connect with ADL Partner Help Desk

The Connectez-vous avec le service d’assistance de ADL Partner. is a company specializing in the marketing of magazine subscriptions to banking, retail and professional services customers. It is aimed in particular at companies in the distribution and insurance sectors. Every week or every month, it receives numerous requests to terminate their subscriptions to magazine press titles presenting an extremely wide variety.

How do you handle customer?

It has been developing the customer database for several years and partners with major B2C brands (Banking, Insurance, etc.) to help them commit to a subscription service adapted to their situation. The company also launched a new open book magazine service (magazine plus service) in 2016 which currently hosts over 400 news titles, covering topics such as politics, youth, television, education and women. . It is now presenting these new products in Spain and Portugal with very rapid business growth.

To facilitate your process, stop-contrat offers to send your termination letter to ADL Partner pre-drafted. You just send your address to ADL by registered mail and receive notification of receipt as soon as your shipment has been sent.

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