Founded On Truth Business Employment Agency Prism’Emploi Reports Increase in Number of Temporary Workers in France

Employment Agency Prism’Emploi Reports Increase in Number of Temporary Workers in France

temporary workers in france

French employment agency Prism’Emploi recently reported an increase in the number of temporary workers in France, up 1.8% year-on-year. That increase corresponded to a creation of nearly 13,000 new full-time equivalent jobs, with growth in the services sector averaging 6.4%. The sector showed a slight decline, however, of 0.4%, which may be related to the economic slowdown. Nevertheless, it’s still worth noting that temporary workers are often employed in industries where permanent staff is less necessary. More – Eu Workers

Grow At An Impressive Rate

The proportion of people employed on temporary contracts in France has increased steadily in recent decades, from 3.3 percent in 1983 to 10.2% in 1991. France continues to regulate temporary work more tightly than other industrial countries, despite the low unemployment rate and high cost of replacement. Furthermore, temporary work is limited in some contexts, such as in sectors with general skills and weak wage coordination. In addition, it is unlikely to incur political costs, which is why temporary workers are regulated more strictly in France than in other countries.

Depending on the size of the company, temporary workers in France are often entitled to social and economic committee notification. If a company merges with another, employees may be displaced from their current employer. While the new employer may not necessarily seek the consent of workers, the social and economic committee will notify the workers and inform them of the merged company. In France, there are rules on termination of open-ended contracts. The employer must have a valid reason for terminating the contract, either personal or economic. Personal reasons include poor behaviour while economic grounds focus on financial difficulties.

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