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Essential Gardening Tools

essential gardening tools

Whether you’re essential gardening tools your very first garden or you’re a seasoned homesteader, every gardening enthusiast needs a tool kit. We asked some expert horticulturists what essential tools they couldn’t live without, and here are the ones they recommended.

Pruning shears—also known as secateurs—are a must for trimming leaves, cutting back stems and flowers, and shaping plants. They come in different sizes and styles, but the most important feature is that they have sharp blades for clean cuts. Look for shears with a locking mechanism to keep them from accidentally opening during use and to prevent fingers from getting caught in the blades.

Must-Have Gardening Tools: Building Your Toolkit for a Thriving Garden

A garden trowel is useful for digging, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and weeding. Select a garden trowel with a solid, comfortable handle and a durable steel or cast aluminum head that resists corrosion. Look for one that has a narrow blade for digging into rocky or compacted soil, or one with a broader blade for loosening larger areas. It’s also a good idea to have a hand cultivator or weeder on hand to get those pesky weeds before they become out of control.

If you plan on weeding or tending your garden regularly, consider investing in a kneeler or gardening stool to save your back from unnecessary strain. You can find a wide variety of options, from lightweight garden stools that fold for easy storage to ergonomic models that adjust to fit your height. This one from WORX has a cult following for its comfort and ability to double as a wheelbarrow.

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