Founded On Truth Home Garage Door Installation – How to Install a Garage Door

Garage Door Installation – How to Install a Garage Door

If you’re looking to install a new Garage door installation, consider a company with a national presence. Amarr dealers are a trusted source for dependable professional installation, and many offer special financing. Find a dealer in your area and get started on the home improvement project with the second highest return on investment today

How much does it cost to put a door in a garage wall?

START WITH THE BOTTOM SECTION-Select the bottom panel of your door, lay it face down on two padded sawhorses and secure it to the brackets with sheet metal screws. Now assemble the bottom hardware using the included instructions. If your door has a single extension spring, find the end bearing plate (usually on the left side of the drum), and attach the springs to it. Then slide the drums onto their tubular shaft, putting the LH spring on first followed by the RH spring and the center bearing plate. Once all the springs are mounted, hand tighten the set screws to hold them. Attach a spring caution tag to one of the 3/8″ bolts.

Place the next section centered in your opening and toenail it in place. Use a level to check for and correct any off-center problems. Repeat the process with each subsequent section, shimming as necessary.

Once the track is in place, lag each rear track hanger package at the back of each horizontal track to its vertical track. These are usually angled steel brackets that have 90-degree metal curves at the back end and brace the horizontal tracks from lateral movement. Also, lubricate the rollers and tracks with lightweight motor oil. Two times a year, oil the torsion springs by applying a pencil-thin line of oil across the top of each spring, stopping 2 in. from each end.

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