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Lash Extensions Coffs Harbour

Eyelash lash extensions coffs harbour are semi-permanent false eyelashes that add length and volume to your natural lashes. They’re usually made of silk, mink or synthetic hair, and they can be customized to suit your preferences. Unlike traditional makeup, they don’t require regular application and can last up to 6 weeks or more.

The lifespan of lash extensions depends on how well they’re taken care of, and they can last up to six weeks before needing a touch-up. It’s also important to schedule regular refill appointments to keep your lashes full and luscious.

Enhance Your Eyes: Lash Extensions in Coffs Harbour

There are several things you can do to help your lash extensions last longer, including being gentle when cleaning them and using products without oil. Avoid getting your lashes wet and don’t rub your eyes, as this can cause the glue to weaken and make them fall off faster. Avoiding environmental factors such as heat, steam and humidity will help them stay on for longer too.

Achieving that cat’s-eye look has never been easier than with a set of lash extensions. You can book an appointment with an experienced lash technician in Coffs Harbour on Fresha, and choose from silk, mink or synthetic lashes for the perfect look. The average price for a classic full set is between $39 and $165.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality salon, clinic or spa, Fresha is the new way to book beauty, massage and wellness services in Australia. With top-rated businesses and a seamless booking process, you can get your lash extensions coffs harbour or other pampering treatments at the tap of a button.

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