Founded On Truth Blog Live Sports Updates For Venues, Bars and Restaurants

Live Sports Updates For Venues, Bars and Restaurants

Keep your audiences up-to-date with live sports updates by displaying upcoming match times and the current score in near-real time on screens throughout your venue, bar or restaurant. This easy-to-use app is compatible with all major sporting leagues and matches and updates in real time, ensuring your screens are always up-to-date.

Apple is leaning into live sports with a new app, Apple Sports, that will deliver real-time scores and stats to your iPhone, including (if you wish) your lock screen. The app currently displays data from MLS, NBA, and NHL, as well as college basketball, men’s and women’s, and Ligue 1 and Bundesliga soccer. Once MLB and NFL seasons begin, the app will also include those scores as well. Go hereเทคนิคบาคาร่าขั้นสูง/

The company’s interest in live sports isn’t new, but this week’s launch of the Apple Sports app is a clear sign that the company wants to make it more convenient for people to follow their favourite teams. With the help of push notifications and a persistent bubble, users can follow live sports scores on their lock screen without even unlocking their phone or opening an app.

Game Time: Live Updates from Today’s Matches

However, for this feature to work, a user will need to have enabled live activity notifications in their sports app, and the game must be available in their region. As an alternative to this, a user can use the TV app on their iPhone to follow their favourite teams. The TV app already allows users to follow their teams and see the latest scores as Live Activities, and it can be used alongside Apple News to customize which teams and games a user follows.

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