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Restored Defender Restoration in Orlando, Florida

When it comes to a storied vehicle that’s been around since 1948, there is no question that the Land Rover Defender is an iconic, timeless classic. The British off-roader has a worldwide following and serves as a ticket into the Land Rover community, which is one of the most devoted and loyal in the world. Resource :

What is the mileage of Defender?

If you’ve got a rusty old Defender laying around, there is no better place to turn it into an overlanding machine than at Restored Defender Restoration in Orlando, Florida. This team takes a 25-year-old Defender, replaces the frame with a chassis from a licensed official Land Rover supplier, and goes to work building it up into a modern day Defender that will take you everywhere you want to go.

The team at Restored Defender Restoration will take your rotten Defender and turn it into the ultimate overlanding machine with a new engine, new suspension and everything else you’ll need to survive the wilderness and keep the good times rolling.

Their goal is to bring the Defender’s legendary off-road capability into the 21st century, with all the comforts and modern technology you would expect in a luxury vehicle. They build all of these vehicles in-house from the ground up, subcontracting only the major build components, to ensure absolute perfection.

Arkonik, a veteran Defender-restoration outfit, has been around for 16 years and claims that it has built nearly 300 converted vehicles so far. Their most recent build is an Eighties V8 LWB blue Defender with a thrusting 430hp Chevrolet small-block LS V-8 underhood.

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