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Snapchat Examples For Ecommerce Brands

Snapchat examples is one of the most popular social media apps among kids and teens. The messaging app lets you take a picture or short video called a “Snap” then add fun filters that your regular phone camera doesn’t have. These include effects that make you look like a cat, add stars to your eyes, or let others see what you’re looking at through your point of view. You can then share your Snap with any of your friends on the app, or add it to your story (a collection of photos and videos that lasts 24 hours), or send it as a message to an individual person.

Exploring Snapchat Advertising: Real-Life Examples

Ecommerce brands that understand Snapchat’s unique features use the platform to promote their products and drive sales. Here are some of the best snapchat examples from companies that are doing it right.

Ralph Lauren

With a Snapchat ad that is as visually captivating as its fashion, Ralph Lauren knows how to reach the right audience and keep them engaged. Their use of a collection ad — a format that allows users to click through to product pages directly from the Snapchat screen — is an effective way to generate leads and direct traffic to their website.


To capitalize on the popularity of augmented reality, makeup brand Sephora partnered with Snapchat to create a gamified AR lens that kept users engaged for 37+ seconds and drove them to their website to make purchases. These type of interactive ads are a great way for beauty brands to reach a wide range of users and convert them into paying customers.

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