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The Benefits of an Email Verifier

With an estimated six billion email verifier addresses out there, it’s challenging to know whether your contact data is valid. Undeliverable emails can impact your email deliverability and damage your email marketing campaign ROI, and bad data can also lead to costly fines from your email service provider (ESP). An email verifier is software that validates email addresses in bulk to identify bad ones quickly. Email validation tools can be either a cloud-based solution or a software program, and both can perform a variety of verification steps. Most of these services rely on syntax check, which verifies that the email address is spelled correctly and has all the characters and punctuation needed. Some also offer a ping or SMTP authentication step, which ensures that the email address is active on the server and is not an internet spam trap or dead mailbox.

The Key to Effective Email Marketing: Understanding the Importance of Email Validation

While the most important benefit of an email verifier is that it helps you avoid hard bounces, which can hurt your reputation as a sender and keep you out of the inbox, there are other benefits as well. High email validation rates can help you increase your email conversion rate score, and good data can improve your domain reputation by lowering the likelihood of being blacklisted.

In addition, using an email verifier can save you money by reducing the amount of time and resources spent on email campaigns. Having good data can also give you a better understanding of your audience, helping you to craft more relevant messages that will drive engagement and results.

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