Founded On Truth Auto The Conti SportContact 3 – An Overview

The Conti SportContact 3 – An Overview

ContiSportContact 3

The ContiSport Contact 3 sports car alarm is equipped with many of the same advanced features as other brands. The front bumper lip and side skirt of this vehicle alarm are designed with contour to prevent crash protection. The front bumper lip acts as a crash bar to reinforce the strength of the front bumper in preventing unwanted damage in case of an impact. This helps to keep the vehicle’s integrity in a level performance after an impact. The Continental ContiSportContact 3 features the latest continent wide crash resistance test standards ensuring the safety of both the driver and passengers of the car.

The Conti SportContact 3 – An Overview

The contisportcontact 3 features high-speed performance with a high level of acceleration. The overall rating of this car alarm is highly recommended by professional car alarms and experts for its high reliability and easy installation process. This alarm has several preset modes that include regular, sport, luxury and emergency which help to activate and deactivate the main auto alarms when needed. The continental charger has received several awards from industry insiders and car magazines for being one of the best car chargers available in the market. The overall rating of the product is highly recommended for its great performance and long term benefits.


Following the successful completion of the first ever Continental Conti SportContact 3 steering precision test, the company conducted its second summer tyre test to find out if the product still had the ability to provide high levels of performance and excellent braking precision. During the summer test, the vehicle performed better than its predecessor, contributing towards another round of good feedback from consumers. The overall rating of the contisport contact 3 was also improved, making it a very good product for anyone who wants the best performance possible from their car. Car reviews can be found online and other car magazines in order to find out more about this great brand of auto alarms.

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