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The Importance of AISC Certification for Structural Steel Fabrication

AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) is a non-profit trade association that represents companies in the structural steel fabrication and construction industry. It is dedicated to improving the quality of construction materials.

What is the difference between a welder and a fabricator?

In addition to certification, the institute also provides educational resources to enhance the skills of its members. The AISC is also committed to promoting innovation in the steel construction industry.

Carolina Fabricators are well versed in the latest technologies in structural steel fabrication. They are able to streamline project productivity and deliver superior quality products.

Fabricators must adhere to the quality standards set by the AISC in order to earn the certification. In addition to certification, firms must be able to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Getting certified is a challenging process. Companies must go through an initial evaluation that includes a thorough administrative review and documentation audit. If a company fails to meet all requirements, it may be subject to additional audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

After the initial assessment, a certified company must undergo regular inspections to prove it is delivering the high level of quality that it promised. All employees must be trained properly and management must be accountable for their actions.

AISC also requires fabricators to have a written safety plan. This plan must be implemented by the construction crew and management. Additionally, all new hires must be trained.

AISC is a national quality certification program that sets a standard for structural steel. AISC certification is the most recognized certification in the industry.

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