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The Real World Andrew Tate Review

How many students does hustlers university have Tate educational program has been accused of being a scam, but many of its students report achieving financial success since the program’s release. Its paid members get access to courses and resources designed to help them reach their goals, as well as millionaire mentorship and a global community of support. Unlike free content found on YouTube, The Real World Andrew Tate offers accountability and structure that can be hard to find online.

Real-World Experience vs. Hustlers University: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The program’s claimed to be made for beginners who want to learn how to make money from home, with the university boasting that its students have been able to earn on day one. Its website and social media are filled with young men espousing the university’s aggressive beliefs, alongside testimonial videos of people who claim to have become millionaires after joining.

However, it’s worth noting that a lot of the information within the Ecommerce, Copywriting, and Affiliate channels is outdated or can be found for free online. And the courses that claim to teach investors how to make millions in the stock market are actually a separate product called HU Stocks, which costs more than $5,000.

While it’s true that Tate has been able to attract thousands of followers and rake in profits from his controversial videos, it’s also worth noting that most of those subscribers were motivated by their desire to earn like him and buy flashy cars and houses. It’s also not a secret that he uses his viral videos to promote HU 2.0, which was initially an in-house program that offered a 50% commission for affiliates. However, the program was canceled after Tate was deplatformed by several of TikTok’s major platforms.

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