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Types of Office Desks

When it comes to working from home or in an office desks setting, a quality desk is the foundation for a productive work space. The type of work you do and the equipment you need (computer, monitor, writing pad, etc) should influence your choice of desk. Then there’s the size of your room and the layout you prefer, since a poorly designed desk can be difficult to work around.

Enhance Your Office Space: The Importance of Quality Office Desks

This kind of office desk is a good option for someone whose job involves regularly using computers. They have a flat surface with enough room for your laptop, keyboard, mouse and any other desk accessories you use. They also typically have built-in outlets to keep the desktop clear of electrical cords.

Cheval Desks

Often called a lady’s writing desk, these delicate furniture pieces were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. They have a small writing platform and usually a setback cabinet with one or more drawers underneath. Unlike modern desks, they don’t offer much storage and are more of an aesthetic choice for someone who works casually from home.

Metal Desks

These office desks feature a metal frame and a flat surface that can support the weight of multiple monitors, a CPU tower, printer and other desk accessories. They’re sturdy, according to online reviews, and can be used in a variety of office decor styles.

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