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What Is Delta Distillate?

delta distillate

Delta distillate is a high-grade hemp extract that contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes. It can be vaporized, used as a tincture or added to edibles. It’s a federally legal product that is often used in vape cartridges and e-pens.

How To Use It

Delta distillate is an excellent choice for beginners because it’s easy to measure. It comes in a syringe, and you can buy it in 0.1 mL increments. It’s also easy to heat up and works well for dabbing or vaping.

What is Delta 8 Distillate and How is it Made

When buying any type of tincture, it’s important to do your research and check for third-party lab reports. You can find these by searching online or asking around for recommendations.

What Makes It Colored or Clear?

Delta distillate can be colored or clear, depending on the distillation process. Some extracts become oxidized during the process and will turn pink or yellow, while other extracts are more basic and may turn amber or clear.

Where Can I Get It?

The best place to find delta distillate is from a reputable source. These companies sell high-quality products that are legal to consume. They have a wide range of products that include tinctures, vape juices, cartridges and more.

How Much Does it Cost?

Delta distillate is an expensive product, so it’s a good idea to purchase in bulk. It’s usually sold in a 10-gram syringe for about $100. It can be used to prepare up to 500 doses of Delta 8 THC.

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