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What You Should Know About Athletic Polo Shirts

athletic polo shirts

Athletic polo shirts are the perfect fit for those that take care of their body and enjoy active lifestyles. These polo shirts are meticulously tailored for those with an athletic physique and accentuate their muscular body frame.

Men that have a muscular upper body and stomach without being too heavy or overhanging on their waist look incredible in these athletic fit polos. This is not only because they fit perfectly but also because they are built with wrinkle-free odor fighting technology that will keep you looking good for longer.

There are many different types of fabrics for polo shirts, but the most popular are: cotton and polyester. Shirts made from 100% cotton are extremely comfortable to wear and the natural fibers don’t shrink or wrinkle easily. They also resist fading and are very resistant to staining.

Another option is a 50/50 blend. This is a combination of cotton and poly that has excellent moisture wicking capabilities and four-way stretch. These polos are a great choice for golf courses because they will dry quickly when you get sweaty, and they can also be worn as casual wear during the summer.

The Benefits of Athletic Fit Polo Shirts: Why They’re the Perfect Choice for Active Lifestyles

A pique fabric is an ideal choice for polos because it has a woven and waffle-like pattern that allows air to circulate through the weave. This material also holds up better over time and is less prone to fading than pure cotton.

A pocket is a must-have feature on any polo shirt, as it makes carrying things easier. Some polos are designed to have a pocket in the front, but most of them have a pocket in the back. This pocket is especially useful for people who are on the go and need to carry things with them.

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