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United Gold Direct Review

As the name suggests, United Gold Direct is an investment firm focused on gold and other precious metals. It is one of three approved precious metals wholesalers in all states. It has a reputation for being a trustworthy broker with no high-pressure sales tactics. However, reviews of United Gold Direct are mixed. We’ve listed the pros and cons of the firm below. Read on to find out if United Gold Direct is right for you. Go to this page

Is United Gold Direct Right For You?

The website of United Gold Direct is almost completely empty, with a few suspicious links. There are few customer reviews on United Gold Direct, and the ones that do exist are generally negative. It is worth noting that before the lawsuit, the company had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but it does not appear to be current. There are only one negative customer review on the BBB, and that’s from someone who said the company didn’t help her retrieve her money.

After being refused a refund, the customer decided to investigate the company further. She learned about United Gold Direct from a coworker and decided to place an order. But it turned out the gold had been delayed for weeks. So she called their customer service representatives and tried to complain, but no one would answer her calls. Even after numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact United Gold Direct, the customer was told that the company had no history of refunding customers.

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